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Data Analytics

Simotech can assist you in implementing performance optimizing solutions and achieve added value from those you already have.

Manufacturing Execution Systems

MES electronic workflow tools ensure that the right tasks are done in the right sequence at the right time. The solution enforces a systematic approach, which virtually eliminates errors and builds in compliance. The time saved translates into increases in production capacity and overall manufacturing agility.

Business Metrics & KPIs

Accurately tracking, monitoring and acting on real-time business metrics and key performance indictors (KPIs) can mean the difference between business performance success and failure. Focus on specific business performance metrics to measure what matters using real-time data analysis and reporting tools to take the work out of collecting meaningful data.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Use real-time metrics to compare performance and direct diagnostic efforts such as root-cause analysis to manage production efficiency and asset utilization in a timely manner. Uncover inefficiencies in production processes. OEE improvements come from analyzing real-time data, taking action and evaluating results resulting in increases in production performance, equipment availability, and quality.

Manufacturing Intelligence

Seeing information from disparate data sources, in the context you need, gives you the power to make more informed decisions. Using the information intelligently can provide tangible business benefits in the form of:

  • Improved product quality by identifying potential issues sooner
  • Increased operational flexibility to meet changing market demands
  • Savings in manpower time and effort in consolidating and preparing common reports
  • Increased first-pass yields and optimized throughput
  • Improvement in financial performance of production operations
  • Ability to recognize opportunities and issues faster for improved decisions
  • Achieving compliance and sustainability goals with reduced reporting time

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