SimoTech helping to build better futures

SimoTech would like to congratulate, Ceara Dhingra, a 4th year (Transition Year) Student who instead of going on the class year trip to Malaga decided to raise money on behalf of Habitat Humanity Ireland and to travel to Romania and build homes for families living in the most appalling housing conditions. The house you see below belonged to the family that Ceara was helping to prepare the foundations of their new home. During Ceara’s visit it snowed, this family had no heating and had snow coming through the roof.

Their landlord would not allow them to fix the holes, so they spent their days huddled around a small fire wrapped in blankets.

On her first day Ceara started at 7 a.m. which would have been 5 a.m. in Ireland and finished every day at 4p.m. It did not take her long to get into the swing of things.

Below you can see some of the houses previously build by Habitat Humanity. SimoTech are delighted to have sponsored such an inspiring girl, who from the looks of things could possibly be on one of our sites one day. Pat Desmond having himself volunteered in the past to build homes in third world countries commends the work of Habitat Humanity.


Ceara will be travelling back this summer and SimoTech will be supporting her in her in her venture.

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