SimoTech Achieves Top 10% Supplier Ranking

SimoTech is proud that it has achieved a ranking in the top 10% of suppliers of contract engineering resources to one of the major multinational biotechnology manufacturers in Ireland. The ranking was achieved for the second Quarter of 2014 and it builds upon the companies consistent ranking above average in the manufacturer’s quarterly supplier rankings over the past 12 months. SimoTech performed strongly in the following areas:

  • Shortlist Rate of Proposed Candidates
  • Hit Rate of Offered Positions
  • No False Starts (No shows)
  • Completion of Assignment by resources

“These results are a reflection of the effort and diligence that is invested into finding the right candidates to meet the client’s specialised requirements. They are also a reflection on the quality, professionalism and commitment of our engineers to follow through on client projects,” said Daniel Desmond, SimoTech Operations Manager.
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