Product Serialisation/Track & Trace

Product Serialisation and Brand Integrity

The Drivers

In the case of life sciences, a number of state and international mandates require companies to serialize and identify product at the saleable-unit level, so that prescription drugs can be effectively tracked and traced through the supply chain. Most of the motivation to consider the serialization solutions has been driven by regulation targeted at increasing patient safety and really countering counterfeiting activity in the marketplace.

Added Benefits

In addition to implementing serialization for regulatory compliance, manufacturing and supply chain organizations can use it as a tool to track data and improve processes from the packaging line to quality management, warehouse management, shipping and distribution, and third-party processing. This approach not only eliminates considerable manual labour, but gives all parties in the supply chain context into the product as it goes through the manufacturing and distribution cycles.

How We Can Help

Designing and deploying a serialization solution requires a detailed understanding of the equipment, workflows and automation and business systems. Detailed planning and oversight is required to bring together all the disciplines involved in a serialisation implementation. Understanding the impact to internal and external business processes is critical to selecting the right technologies and partners. We will ensure that your serialization solutions are designed to meet your existing packaging requirements and business goals.

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