Automation Market Survey 2014 Report

Fellow Automation Industry Professionals

Thank you to all who took the time to participate in the Automation Market Survey. The survey ran from 10th June through 5th August 2014 and we are pleased with the number of responses received.

The survey incorporates a wide representation among the automation community of practice, primarily in Ireland, with participation from a good variety of employers, employees, and contractors at different levels across the main industry sectors.

Significantly, the survey results would indicate an overall positive outlook in the industry at present with industry professionals and engineers expecting this outlook to continue for the foreseeable future or to improve further.

Among the results of note are

  • Job security or prospects are reported as improved among Staff (46.15%) and Contractors (46.15%) and Employers/Owners/Directors (53.33%).
  • Job satisfaction is reported as generally high with 74.36% of Staff and 69.23% of Contractors being Satisfied with their current roles
  • For those considering a move the key motivators are
      • Staff: Job Security, Location and Career/Technical Progression
      • Contractors: Remuneration and Location
      • Senior Mangers: Career Progression and Remuneration
  • The Most Challenging Aspects of working in the automation field are reported as Excessive Workload/Unrealistic Demands by 60.26% of Staff and 46.15% of Contractors. Among Employers/Owner/Directors Travel Away From Home is reported as the most challenging aspect of their roles by 46.15% of respondents.
  • In the technical skills required in the industry the areas of most shortage are reported as Process Automation, Data Historian/Reporting and MES with long delays (1-4 months) in sourcing candidates or no suitable candidates being reported by some Employers/Owner/Directors in these fields.

We hope this report will help us all in the automation community of practice, employers, employees, and contractors to better understand the current automation marketplace we operate in.

Kind Regards

Pat Desmond

Managing Director


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