AgileDoc Software Lifecycle Document Management

Writing and maintaining software lifecycle (SLC) documentation can consume most of an automation project’s schedule and budget – and still result in inconsistent and error-riddled documents.

SLC Software Lifecycle Documents

Traditionally, documents were first created in a word processing environment, then iteratively reconciled with the actual implementation during development and deployment, and finally maintained using time-intensive write/review/edit/approve/revise cycles. Since the documentation was maintained in a system apart from the automation system, there has been significant effort associated with document generation and maintenance.

AgileDoc streamlines documentation life cycle management by eliminating the cumbersome word processor approach. All information that would normally appear in these documents is maintained in the native control system environment. SLC documentation is now generated directly from control system source code, thus greatly reducing the effort associated with cGMP documentation while increasing accuracy.

AgileDoc Benefits:

  • Detect coding errors early
  • Minimize the number of deviations that arise during software validation
  • Automate time-consuming, manually intensive software documentation tasks
  • Substantially reduce automation system deployment cost and compress project timelines

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